Al Roker Net Worth

How much money is Al Roker worth?

Al Roker is a television broadcaster who is known for his work on NBC's Today show and Wake Up with Al, his net worth is $10 Million.
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1 Response to " Al Roker Net Worth "

  1. Anonymous says:

    Al Roker. I applaude your effort to lose weight and succeed.

    Here, today you said

    " Let the smokers go outside in the rain or cold". Being an American and proud of this, I find your comments inappropriate, rude and without thought or concern. Are we Socialists- I know NY is now the Mommy City by the wealthy 3rd term self appointed Dictator Bloomberg. Who as you, and the rest of the Hampton, Sag Harbor wealthy socialists.

    You want to make comments on what your serfs should do, but you are exempt. Why because you are on television and you tell us the weather. Wow.How important are you?

    I have been on an airplane recently where between two very overweight people we could not put the arms down, should we open the doors and drop them out. Or, should we have empathy and understanding and hope that they find their self esteem and change their habits.
    Smoking especially now when people who have lost money, their 401k, maybe a family member still out of work you do not know what drives them and if they are just addicted.
    What is wrong with building a structure that gives them a space to have that moment, and by the way they do not care what you think when you make comments like the one you did. With that theory you would have been banned from flying - walk would be my comment maybe you would lose some weight.
    I am a New Yorker now living elsewhere and NOW looking back, I see just how jaded and self centered you all are, I was also.
    But, in the last 10 years I have learned and yes the country watches you, but most find you ridiculous with your comments.
    What about our soldiers who put their life on the line so you and your comrades can sit in 2,000 dollar Leather Eames Chairs you look foolish.
    The soldiers would like to come home, buy a beer and have a smoke, but you have decided NO? Die for me, become disabled for me, but if you just want to sit down somewhere warm and comfortable and not think of where they were or where they are going back to - just a break.
    Why do you not take 1 million of your 10 million and build a beautiful place for them to visit in NY where you and your jaded overindulged snobs could drop the facade and visit with these young women and children and thank them.Please stop with your off the cuff comments stick to the telepromter you sound smarter, the other way your limited ability to know about Americans and how many are hurting financially, etc. Shows.
    Perhaps, you should each go and live somewhere else, Montana, BRUNSWICK, GA., TENNESSEE, TEXAS ETC. Take a job for a month, now diploma, be a waiter or a emt and live on their salary. We will start you with a car you have to pay monthly on, cost of insurance, food, clothing g, etc. One month no help. Let me know if you Starr smoking or eating at on of the horrible drive thru fat food's. Let us know how it goes. :

    I have never written before, but the three of you today were so out of line you owe people an apology.
    Don't make a comment unless you look at yourself first. The three of you.

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