Bob Dylan Net Worth

How much money is Bob Dylan worth?

Bob Dylan is an American singer-songwriter and musician, known for such hit songs as Blowin' in the Wind and Hurricane, his net worth is $80 Million.
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5 Response to " Bob Dylan Net Worth "

  1. Anonymous says:

    thats gross

    I trully find this HIGHLY wrong. He is addict to coccaine for over 50 years, this is why he NEEDS to keep the "show" (he has no voice anymore due that) ONLY to continue to pay for more coccaine.

    Anonymous says:

    His money, right or wrong. Think about what he gets out of royalties alone.

    Anonymous says:

    In the 60's Dylan's net worth was estimated at 38 million.....he is worth WAY MORE than 80 mill!! Way more!

    Anonymous says:

    when was bob d ever a coke head?, Speak shite fernando you total fucking bam

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