Christina Aguilera Net Worth

How much money is Christina Aguilera worth?

Christina Aguilera is an American singer songwriter who is best known for songs like Genie in a Bottle and What a Girl Wants, her net worth is $60 Million.
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3 Response to " Christina Aguilera Net Worth "

  1. I wonder how accurate these values are.

    Anonymous says:

    She was worth 60 million in 2006. Then 90 million in 2009. She made 10 million a yr the first two seasons of the voice! Plus Bionic sales are up & that cd cane out in 2010! She's probably closer to 150 million by now. Please recalculate our Xtina Forbes she should be on your top 100 list! Her fans adore her! She gave NBC a number one show! She's good tv! And amazing on the Mic! No one but no one can sing like Christina Aguilera

    I know her well. She gave me a new Jaguar worth a lot of money. But she got something more then just money that men dream of.
    O ye, I know that.

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