David Gilmour Net Worth

How much money is David Gilmour worth?

David Gilmour is an English musician, known as the lead guitarist and singer of rock band Pink Floyd, his net worth is $90 Million.
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5 Response to " David Gilmour Net Worth "

  1. only 90 million???? i'm sorry, but seriously that guy has brought 1,000,000,000,000,000 dollars worth of pain relief and pleasure into the world with his music. i guess he can do what he wants with 90 million though = >.

    ALB says:

    Ian, a couple of things to keep in mind regarding Mr. Gilmour's net worth: Pink Floyd was financially devastated sometime around 1979 due to an investment firm, or some type of company that handled their money...that company pulled some shady stuff and they almost lost EVERYTHING! Also, Mr. Gilmour is a ridiculously generous individual. On their tour for The Division Bell the core three members of Floyd donated all profits from their 13 shows at Earl's Court and possibly more to charities. I know he's purchased rows of apartment complexes and houses for millions of dollars and given them away to organizations that help house the homeless. Basically, he's just a fantastic freakin' dude who probably realizes he has more than enough money at this point in his life.

    Anonymous says:

    for the pleasure he's brought to my ears over the years he's pricelss. Good on ya Mr Gilmour your a good bloke.

    Anonymous says:

    Hes actually worth 130,000,000 Million. But yeah, priceless.

    Anonymous says:

    New album should put him up another 10-20. But yeah, the guy is the greatest guitarist ever, so priceless is the only number that fits.

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