DMX Net Worth

How much money is DMX worth?

DMX is an American rapper and actor, known for such albums as ...And Then There Was X and It's Dark and Hell Is Hot, his net worth is $2 Million.
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12 Response to " DMX Net Worth "

  1. I seriously find that hard to believe. Considering how well he did with his all his albums not to mention movies that did well in the theaters such as Belly, Romeo Must Die, Exit Wounds, and like 5 others..Come on he's got to be worth more than 2 million net. More so like 15 million or more.

    Anonymous says:

    wtf ONLY 2 million????

    Anonymous says:

    I agree he was getting 5 million a movie

    Anonymous says:

    i agree


    Anonymous says:

    Crack does have a way of diminishing your funds....

    and costy!

    Anonymous says:

    i disagree he receive 10 million just for never die alone

    Dm says:

    When he went to prison his manager stole big bucks from him

    Monet says:

    He has 10 children to support. He also has a bad alcohol and drug problem, I'm very sorry to say this because I like him a lot. He has not done anything in a long if you are spending more than you are making it will go very fast.

    Anonymous says:

    He should b worth at least 30 mil

    Anonymous says:

    He's had over $80 million and I believe $2mill is not true but I'm sure he's lost a lot of money on lawsuits & lawyer fees, and he was robbed while he was in jail by one of his managers for a few million... He's made a lot of money. He's not up to the amount he was at in his prime but he's not broke either

    Anonymous says:

    I dont really think so.. If you think a bit only after the last released from prison he had a reality show,and the producers put big money in a reality show. Plus money from concerts,realeased new album. I think he's doing a lot better than us in life,financially speaking.every thing that this guy spits turns into money.he probably made more than 2 mil only this year

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