George Michael Net Worth

How much money is George Michael worth?

George Michael is an English singer-songwriter, known for the album entitled Faith and Patience, his net worth is $90 Million.
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3 Response to " George Michael Net Worth "

  1. Anonymous says:

    $141,000,000,00. Consider his/the charities or causes Mr. Michael more than religiously/generously supports, add that up......lots! He is worth more than money could ever buy. talented, creative, visionary,vocally crucial, humble yet rightious in his purpose, sublimely kind. Alison Russell,34 Santa Rosa, Ca

    Anonymous says:

    he is truly one of the nicest celebrities of the past century, agreed, the extent of his reach is vast - has given millions and millions away, yet is so down to earth and humbly spiritual and admits so self-depractingly that he's not perfect. GOD BLESS HIM. Glad he's okay from pneumonia, too. He's probably given away $50 million easily. I wish other super rich ($100+ million up to the billionaires) would give 20-50% of their wealth away a year. I know some do, but all should. It would make life so much better if there were massive problems solved by charity of the elite. Keep giving George! You are appreciated!

    Anonymous says:

    His net worth should be 90 million British pounds, not dollars...which equals 150 million dollars.

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