Yoko Ono Net Worth

How much money is Yoko Ono worth?

Yoko Ono is a Japanese-American artist, musician and author, perhaps best known for her marriage to John Lennon, her net worth is $500 Million.
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    What a great love you two have, and your children,wish you and all of us could have had more time with him.Maybe someday my mom will give me the letter I wrote you after John's passing and I will send it to you Yoko.I know she still has it because my daughter told me 19 years ago she had read it at mom's and I should have sent it to you. Unfortunately I had to split before I mailed it. My son was born on John and Sean's birthday. Glad he said yes too and away you went. Much love.

    say what?

    Anonymous says:

    WHY ??????????

    Why so much? Well, it helps if your husband was a Beatle. When John Lennon died, I'm pretty sure he left her the exact opposite of a pile of debts. The royalties from "Imagine" alone must be a squillion dollars a year. You set that on top of the royalties of the entire Beatles catalog and you're looking at some serious money. When Paul McCartney dies, I think HIS widow will inherit most of the Eastern hemisphere. Hell, Ringo is worth $250 million.

    Anonymous says:

    She is soo lucky... she married john lennon. Hadn't been for john she still would've been working in that little store. She is mainly the reason the beetles broke up. She didn't know anything about music but yet she wanted to add her 2cents causing controversy amongs four life long friends. Also I couldn't believe and had the nerves to say... Paul could not sing.

    Anonymous says:

    ^ off your rocker lol 99% of The Beatles Catalog is owned by ATV/Sony Michael Jackson's Estate and Sony.... I believe last time I looked at "IMAGINE's lyrics it was listed as part of the ATV/Sony catalog aswell maybe Yoko Sold some of the rights which along with Lennons money and APPLE (The Beatles Game and merchandise aswell as investments easily do show where the income is from.. IF she had both of the catalogs her value would not be 500m it would be in the 5Billion range

    Anonymous says:

    I am not a fan of yoko i think she's the luckiest bitch to snag John Lennon anyways her family is wealthy they were somewhat descendant from the emperor of japan her father was so opposed with her being with john i don't know if she was cut off but bottom line they had money

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