Bill Maher Net Worth

How much money is Bill Maher worth?

Net Worth: $23 Million

Bill Maher is an American comedian, television host, actor and author, known for his work on the television show Real Time with Bill Maher and Politically Incorrect.
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4 Response to " Bill Maher Net Worth "

  1. Anonymous says:

    Aw come on he's got to be a lot worth more than that, unless it all goes up in smoke. He is definitely a one percenter, but says the word "millionaire" like it's a slimey word and he is just a regular joe.

    Anonymous says:

    How much do you think he is worth? WHat has he done to make more??

    Anonymous says:

    Well, considering he just purchased a minority stake in the NY Mets, at a minimum price of $20M, I would guess this is a tad less than accurate...

    Anonymous says:

    He could have and probably did borrow money to buy his stake in the Mets.

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