Willie Nelson Net Worth

How much money is Willie Nelson worth?

Net Worth: $18 Million

Willie Nelson is an American singer-songwriter,actor and author, known for such albums as Stardust and Always on My Mind.
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4 Response to " Willie Nelson Net Worth "

  1. Anonymous says:

    Willie Nelson is a stand-up guy and I wish he had more had it not been for the IRS. He has helped many others and is a good man. I am sure that he is not complaining as you can see that he does not live the 'Star' life if you know what I mean and many people love him too as a down to earth kind of guy. More power to you Willie. God bless!!

    Anonymous says:

    willie is the greatest their ever was

    Anonymous says:

    Thats alotta weed

    Saw willie last month in pa. what an American treasure ,A man who has truly learned how to give back, nice going Willie Patric

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