Gordon Ramsay Net Worth

How much money is Gordon Ramsay worth?

Net Worth: $3 Million

Gordon Ramsay is a British chef and television personality who is known for his role on the show Hell's Kitchen and MasterChef.
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6 Response to " Gordon Ramsay Net Worth "

  1. Anonymous says:

    ramsay is worth A LOT more then $3m

    Anonymous says:

    He must have a good accountant!

    Anonymous says:

    I think you forgot a zero here...

    Whoever made this blog has got it wrong. Gordon Ramsey is worth nearly 100 million. He gets over 225 thousand per episode of his shows and he has several shows plus he has many high end restaurants. 3 million...pfft. As if.

    Anonymous says:

    LoL I think a zero is missing there. At least...

    Do these other people understand what "net worth" actually means?
    after all this site is entitled famenetworth.com

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