Travis Barker Net Worth

How much money is Travis Barker worth?

Net Worth: $70 Million

Travis Barker is a musician and producer, best known as the drummer of punk rock band Blink-182 and The Transplants.
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7 Response to " Travis Barker Net Worth "

  1. Anonymous says:

    one of the best damn drummers in the world and highly sought after. Well earned bruh!

    Anonymous says:

    Your mother would be proud bruh!

    Anonymous says:

    how come that such a twink is said to have gained 70 million, and , for one, paul mccartney, in all those years, is still hovering around 650 million? this is totaal bullcrap, as mccartney still is up in top10 earners in US alone, making around 100 million a year.I remember in 1980,when john Lennon was murdered that he already was a billionair then.making ,yes 100 million orso a year! so he should be worht 5 billion at least...and this travis dude maybe 7 million, no more than that bro....

    Anonymous says:

    jealous ^^^

    Anonymous says:

    Yup that guy is jealous!!!

    Anonymous says:

    ^ jealous over the greatest drummer ever. ha. Love you Travis. Gloria would be proud.

    Anonymous says:

    He's worth £650million not $650million. So in $ that would be around $1.1billion. Travis isn't a 'twink' just a great drummer. Both are great musicians in their own right. JT

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