Stephen Merchant Net Worth

How much money is Stephen Merchant worth?

Net Worth: $40 Million

Stephen Merchant is an English writer, director and actor, known for his work on the television sitcom The Office and Extras.
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5 Response to " Stephen Merchant Net Worth "

  1. lee says:

    How much you joking arent ya £20 million for directing two shows on bbc 2 no way this info is wrong very wrong

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    The Office and Extras were years ago and since then Stephen and Ricky have not wasted money on 'middle-men' - they've orchestrated the syndication of the Office in around 50 countries, they've made millions from the 220 million downloads of podcasts, Stephen has acted in a couple of films as well as writing and directing one, they have books from each of the series, dvd sales, and then there's the new series 'An Idiot Abroad', which is going great guns - along with a dvd and book and it's been shown on Discovery Science in the US. It'll be all over the world very soon. Stephen and Ricky both work incredibly hard and really know how to make a buck!

    You are joking right? You seriously think that Stephen Merchant would be worth more than Ricky Gervais when Ricky has done everything that Steve has done AND he has starred in several Hollywood films? This website is a joke.

    Anonymous says:

    What makes you think he earns more than Gervais? He actually earns half.

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