Taylor Hicks Net Worth

How much money is Taylor Hicks worth?

Net Worth: $3 Million

Taylor Hicks is an American recording artist, best known for winning the fifth season of American Idol, and his subsequent album entitled The Distance and Taylor Hicks.
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5 Response to " Taylor Hicks Net Worth "

  1. Well good for him! I always liked Taylor on American Idol

    Anonymous says:

    A self made millionairre a few times over! Good for him! Love his music and his spirit!

    Taylor has worked so hard for his love of music. It's nice to see that all of his hard work has brought him financial rewards. Good for him. I love his music.

    I'm glad to see that Taylor didn't give up and his hard work has paid off. I love his music and his great spirit.

    Anonymous says:

    He had his 15 minutes - perhaps 5 minutes of fame... made major dinero but all in all... he is a goof ball. Laughing all the way to the bank. I am jealous :-)

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