Deadmau5 Net Worth

How much money is Deadmau5 worth?

Net Worth: $12 Million

Deadmau5 is a Canadian DJ and producer, known for albums including Random Album Title, For Lack of a Better Name and 4x4=12.
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2 Response to " Deadmau5 Net Worth "

  1. He's got to be one of the smartest Electronic DJ's out there today. He gets it. You could look at pictures of 100 DJ's and when you see just a corner of the head you know it's Deadmau5.
    Great Job man!

    benzio says:

    he grossed 240 million last year from his stadium shows that sold out,

    he got an award from the canadian govt proving that fact, after expenses, taxes he took home 70 million

    he owns skrillex and another 20 or so superstar artists, he spent over 10 million on his new studio, penthouse and yet he is worth only 12 million ? he is worth less than skrillex ????

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