Nene Leakes Net Worth

How much money is Nene Leakes worth?

Net Worth: $3 Million

Nene Leakes is an American reality television personality, known for her role on the series The Real Housewives of Atlanta.
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7 Response to " Nene Leakes Net Worth "

  1. Anonymous says:

    only 3 million..she acts as if she's worth 30million...i guess people who haven't never had anything in life thinks she's rich but in reality "honey" that money will go quick cause you're just another b!@#$ who never had s!@@#..

    Anonymous says:

    Oh wow the above comment sound like an angry bitter bitter bitter person to me I'm going to pray for you because its not that serious....

    Anonymous says:

    I think 3 million is fantastic and I will be happy to trade places with Mrs. Leakes any time. Nene do you need a stand in? I will work for you in a heart beat and add value to an already classy lady. People don't hate, its already to late, Nene is a rich bitch, get it hot off the press all the way from Rancho Cucamonga, CA

    Anonymous says:

    I think I'm rich and I only have $25,000.00. Shit if I had $3,000,000.00---wow I would really say Fuck off. Nene to you and tell the haters to go suck some shit.

    Anonymous says:

    1 million, 2, or thee.....She worked hard and earned it!!!
    All of the other HWOA had the same opportunity, Nene
    Used her exposure from HWOA to open doors to venture out to do bigger and better things. She seized the opportunity, and ran with it. Hats off to you Nene !!!!
    Don't know very many people that can consider themselves self made. Take a little and turn it into a lot. Love and Admiration!!!!
    From ATL

    Anonymous says:

    Do your thang Nene and get all you can, nothing last forever especially reality tv stars. So hats off to you because you made it work for you. 3 mil in just a few years! Hell anyone of us would trade spots with you, its just the beginning for you keep doing what your doing and turn that 3 into 30, or even 300. DR from Az.

    Anonymous says:

    3M$ IS a lot but NOT when you try to live above that, buying expensive show cars, big houses, parties, travel,ect. The taxes alone will dry you out quick. That's why you hear alot of stories about all these reality stars getting their cars towed, foreclosure, bankruptcy, ect.

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