Joan Collins Net Worth

How much money is Joan Collins worth?

Net Worth: $30 Million

Joan Collins is an English actress and author, probably most recognized for starring on the television series Dynasty, and in films such as Empire of the Ants, Tales from the Crypt and The Stud.
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3 Response to " Joan Collins Net Worth "

  1. Anonymous says:

    Is that all! $30 is a lot of money which ever way to look at it . However, If you consider that Dynasty was huge world-wide ,with viewers glued to their screens for a decade . Couple to that her films and her best-sellers ,you would expect she would be worth at least double that sum.

    Anonymous says:

    $30 million actually sounds too generous to me. Yes, she was on a hit TV show but that was in the 80's and she was a woman - at her height she was earning $100,000 an episode on Dynasty and that was near the end when she was only appearing in every third episode. Very few of her films made money and when they did, she often had to sue the producers to recoup any profit participation, as in "The Stud" and "The Bitch". And as for her novels, by the time she started writing, the Hollywood intrigue tales made famous by her sister Jacki a decade earlier, were no longer in vogue. Joan has also paid alimony to two of her husbands, another left her broke, her business managers often failed to file her taxes meaning a huge bill owed to the IRS and living on two continents means she pays two income taxes. I'm surprised she has enough left over for a scoop of caviar.

    Anonymous says:

    I presume she is much more worth than she or her immediate surroundings want to reveal. She is certainly not the wealthiest woman on the globe, but aware as she is of the perils of abduction etc, she certainly wants to play down the extent of her wealth.

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